$file->update() and multilanguage site

I’m updating some file metadata using the update method:

$page->file('some-file.jpg')->update(array( 'some_field' => 'new value');

When using the panel on a multilingual website metadata files are created for each language (e.g. some-file.jpg.en.txt, some-file.jpg.fr.txt, …).

The update method updates the “default” metadata file some-file.jpg.txt but doesn’t seem to be able to update the language files.

Is this a Kirby limitation or am I missing something?

You need to pass which language you want to update:

  'some_field' => 'new value'
), 'en');

You can also let it use the current language:

  'some_field' => 'new value'
), site()->language()->code());
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Awesome! Works perfectly. Thank you very much.

The docs doesn’t mention that second argument though.

Then we need to add it …

Edit: done

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But this second argument is missing in the docs at http://getkirby.com/docs/cheatsheet/page/update too…

Thanks, I’ve just updated it.

Edit: there’s probably more multi-lang site specific stuff we need to add, we have that on the list.

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