File storage or database on massive contents about 10k+

I’m thinking to create Real Estate portal with Kirby and i have some concerns about performance.

My concerns about:

  • 10k - 100k listing+
  • Loading items each changes filtering
  • Loading items each moves map point
  • Listing on panel

I want to use Kirby core file storage but these massive contents forcing to makes me think. I’m thinking to use database on frontend instead of file storage without using panel. But i want to use panel on users and listing management.

Do you think?

I read following related articles but i want to be sure.

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I would be to use a database if data is relational. If the real estates need to relate to each other in complex ways, such as showing nearby locations or similar properties, a relational database would be perfect (it’s what they were designed for after all.)

That said, I’ve never built a site that large in Kirby so I can’t comment on how it would hold up. Perhaps you could set up a simple site that has 100k pages (generated randomly of course) and have kirby create a page containing the related content. Then see how everything works. You can never know for certain how a computer will handle something without measuring and testing.