Fieldset vue component gives an error on files field and structure field

in a custom field I’m trying to build the fieldset component fails to render the files field and the structure field.

I have something like this: <k-fieldset v-model="storedvalues" @input="onInput" :fields="fieldset" />

where fieldset is an array of fields. Text and textarea render fine. A files field shows up initialy but disappears with an error “Cannot read property ‘field’ of undefined” when clicked.

full code is here:
and this issue is here: :slight_smile:

Am I calling the fieldset the wrong way or is there something else I could do to make it work?

so after some more investigation it seems to be something with endpoints not being defined… Defined these, now it requests a route. But I’m not realy sure what this route should provide.

I’m now stuck here:

I don’t think a fieldset works out of the box with complex fields.
Maybe you can learn from the structure field how to do it:

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