"Extends" inside a blueprint of a plugin

Is it possible to use extends: in a blueprint of a plugin and refer to a folder inside the plugin itself?

It works if fields/headline is located in the global blueprint folder of the kirby project:

    extends: fields/headline

It is not working or at least I don’t know how :slight_smile:

    extends: fields_folder_inside_plugin/headline

What does your plugin structure look like and how are your blueprints registered? Extending should also work using blueprints registered in the plugin.

plugin strucure:


plugin file index.php:

Kirby::plugin('chrfickinger/pluginname', [
    'blueprints' => [
        'blocks/my_block' => __DIR__ . '/blueprints/blocks/my_block.yml',
    'snippets' => [
        'blocks/my_block' => __DIR__ . '/snippet/blocks/my_block.php',

The headline.yml is not registered?

Yepp, that’s it! I forgot to register every single element.
I am still learning :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for the help!

Hi @chrfickinger !
I get the same problem but i had all ready register my extended blueprint…
slidersettings.yml work when it’s in the site/blueprints/tabs folder, but not when in myplugin/blueprints/tabs folder…
This a my plugin folder and my code.
What i’m missing ?

You register the slidersettings as tabs/slider but in your extends property, you call tabs/slidersettings.

Could you please in the future post your code as code, not as images. Makes it easiert to copy/paste. Thanks.

Indeed, it is better this way.
What a fool I am …
Thank you so much @texnixe ! :slight_smile:
Ok for next time, no more images.