Error required parameter $action follows optional parameter $method

Hi everyone,

A website I did 2 years ago that never had a problem before crashed today…
The error I’ve got is : Required parameter $action follows optional parameter $method, here it is :

I don’t understand what it means and how I can solve the problem…
On config.php I’ve got 3 routes but with method POST while the debugger says it’s linked to method GET…

Can someone help me with this please?

Thanks in advance !

Could you provide more context please, i.e. a stacktrace of the error (can’t see anything on the website you linked to) and which Kirby version you are using.

I assume the error is caused by a change of PHP version on the side of your provider.

Hello Sonja,

Thanks for your help!
Indeed it was an error caused by a change of PHP version of someone working on the server…

Thank you so much!