Error checking if lastname is set

Good Morning,

I want to implement this code into my site where i want to get the avatar from the article author and the lastname.

First i get the avatar from the article author. This works perfect!

<?php if(($user = $site->user($article->author())) && ($avatar = $user->avatar())): ?>
   <?php echo thumb($avatar, array('width' => 25, 'height' => 25, 'crop' => true)) ?>
<?php endif ?>

No i want to check if the Lastname is set and if not then i want to return the normal username.

<?php if($site->user($article->author())->lastName() != null): ?>
   <?= $site->user($article->author())->lastName() ?>
<?php else: ?>
    <?= $article->author() ?>
<?php endif ?>

But i always get this following error on that line: Call to a member function lastName() on null
<?php if($site->user($article->author())->lastName() != null): ?>

What do i wrong?


<?php if(($user = $site->user($article->author())) && ($user->lastName())) {
  echo $user->lastname();
} ?>

Perfect! Found my mistake :slight_smile:

Thank you!