Embedding youtube videos with set value for "start at"

I am currently using the oembed plugin to embed youtube and vimeo videos.

Something that seems missing also when using the kirby’s default system to embed a youtube video is that a url such as:


It’s read as if it was:


note the =2m25s added at the end of the first url, to make a video begin from a defined time.

Is there a way to fix this? Should I look into kirby’s own video plugin to add or modify some extra settings?


You can see how Kirby builds the iframe tag in the embed class. Kirby extracts the video ID from various different formats, but it ignores every other parameter.

PRs are accepted to implement time stamps in the Toolkit. :slight_smile:

The oEmbed plugin is a different story however. As far as I can tell, the oEmbed protocol just doesn’t support that kind of parameters, so this would have to be implemented manually by @distantnative for YouTube, which would break the whole oEmbed concept.

Cool! Thank you!

And yes, good point about the oEmbed plugin.