Email Form works on local server, but not on live server

Dear Kirby Community,

I encounter the following problem: My client doesn’t receive the emails from an Email Form. Now I added an external SMTP Relay (Mailjet). This works fine on my local server (the client received the email), but on the live-server (GoDaddy :pleading_face: ), with the same settings I get an error message that the form couldn’t be sent. Do you know what the problem could be? Do I need to manually install PHPMailer or something? Many thanks in advance.

Have. you set up everything correctly? See also Authenticating Domains with SPF & DKIM – Mailjet Help Center

If in doubt, I think it might make sense to get in touch with Godaddy support.

Hey @pixelijn, thanks for that hint. I updated the SPF and DKIM entries, all green now. But I still get the form.error message on the live-server. I also tried different ports…

'email' => [
    'transport' => [
      'type' => 'smtp',
      'host' => '',
      'port' => 587,
      'security' => true,
      'auth' => true,
      'username' => 'xx',
      'password' => 'xx',

Some servers have a setting that prevents external mail sending. For example, you need to disable this setting in cPanel (Restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman). I think if you contact GoDaddy they will help you.