Edits in site.yml show no effects partially

Not very grave but changes to the “published” section remain unchanged

editing site/blueprints/site.yml

title: Site
preset: pages
unlisted: false # to hide Error page
  headline: Published Articles
    en: Published Content (online)
    de: Seiteninhalt (online)
  help: Some Text
  headline: drafts
    en: Drafts (offline)
    de: Entwürfe (offline)
    - standard
  help: Some Text

For drafts it shows the help text and the translations, for published it doesn’t.

It should be listed in your case not published (if you don’t want to show unlisted page)

    en: Published Content (online)
    de: Seiteninhalt (online)
  help: Some Text

But that published can’t change the headline, seems to be a bug.

I created an issue on GitHub:

How should I have known? Is that documented anywhere?

And lucky to see that it also happens to be a bug, and is not only me…

Maybe not. It’s sort of documented here: Pages | Kirby CMS, but probably not quite clear.

I don’t even know myself if setting unlisted to false makes any sense, because I don’t see that is has any effect.

Seems like published and listed both have the same effect, although published pages in general refers to anything that is not a draft, hm :thinking:

I am wondering about pages again.

I wanted to add an info section, but as soon as I add sections the translated headlines disappear completely. And the info section also is not shown.

title: Site
preset: pages
    type: info
    headline: Info
    text: |
      Please double-check the licenses and sources
      of all images before you upload them to the gallery.
      en: Drafts
      de: Entwürfe (nicht öffentlich)
      en: Content of the site (Published)
      de: Inhalt der Seite (Öffentlich)

Is there some default YAML for pages where I could look for as a reference?

The customisations for presets are limited. If you want to use different sections, don’t use a preset but create your blueprint from scratch.

Thanks @texnixe!
I just learned a lot more how those yaml files work!

Yep, it takes a while to learn all the options, I keep going back to the docs myself or to trying things out. But it pays off well because you can get really creative and make the Panel work like you or your clients need it.

Ok, the issue was closed because what shows up as Published is in reality the listed section, so using listed as suggested above is correct. We have to fix the documentation, although I find the naming misleading.

I’ve fixed the docs to make this a bit clearer.

Thanks! It’s as clear as it can be in the docs, but still confusing.

I thought about making a dummy/beginners guide for writing blueprints, what would be a good place to make it public?