Editor Languages in Panel

One of my clients asked me for a possibility to restrict a new content editor to one or two languages.
It doesn’t matter if the editor can see content in other languages, but he should not be able to modify any content in languages he has no permission to.

Is there any way to realize this with kirby panel?

Currently, permissions of any kind are not (yet) implemented in the panel, so no, you can’t limit editors to editing only certain languages.

However permissions are definitely on our list. :slight_smile:

… and have been there for a while, but we cannot give any ETA when this will actually be implemented and in what way.:wink:

In Kirby v2 permissions were introduced in v2.4. When reading the documentation, i didn’t find a possibility to restrict a specific language to a specific user role. An editor for the english language should be able to access (read only) other languages, but should not be able to edit/delete languages other than “english”. Is this possible to achieve that behaviour with Kirby 2.5 (the version my client still using).

In my case, I would like to create an editor for every language, so that external translation agencies can work safely in the panel.

If it is not possible with Kirby v2, is it possible with Kirby v3 (always looking for reasons to update ;)?

After looking deeper into the docs for Kirby v2, i think I found the answer, that it should be possible. Sad - no reason to force the update to v3 :wink:

See Allow updates for a specific language at

There are a lot of reasons to upgrade to Kirby 3. Just saying. :wink:

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Hehe - I’m completely with you – but for my client there is still not really a reason to pay (me and you) for the update (which is not done in 5 minutes, especially when using third party plugins) – but anyways i’m working to convince them :wink:

One thing to keep in mind: Kirby 2 will only receive security updates until the end of this year (which is basically two years after the release of Kirby 3). It is unlikely that new security issues pop up after that date, but we can’t guarantee it.

Kirby 2 will also not receive PHP support updates after this point, which means that PHP 7.4 (which will be end-of-life in November 2022) will be the last version Kirby 2 will support.