Editor in structure - how to fetch value from structure field in a block


I use the Editor plugin in a structure and extend the image block in a custom block snippet.

All works perfectly, but in the structure, there is a toggle field that I need to retrieve from the block image and I have no idea of how to do it :frowning:.
Here is the code in question to make it clearer:

page blueprint:

    type: structure
        label: large
        type: toggle
      contentsection: fields/editor

snippets editor image.php

<?php if ($block->isNotEmpty()): ?>
<figure<?= attr(['class' => $attrs->css()->value()], ' ') ?>>

<!-- https://forum.getkirby.com/t/new-editor-referencing-image-metadata/15905/5 -->
<?php $image = $attrs->id()->toFile();?>

<?php $resized = $image->resize(500)?>    
<!--Here:  if page  item->size()->bool() -->
<?php $resized = $image->resize(1000)?>

Thank you for any tips,