Editable redirects

I have been following this method for a navigation redirect Editable redirects | Kirby CMS but it is not working. It just reverts to /crafts on the site. How do I fix this? Thanks

So in Kirby, I have:
content/4_crafts (folder)

Title: crafts
Link: https://bookandleatherworks.co.uk/


title: Link
	  label: Link URL
	  type: url

<?php go($page->link(), 301) ?>

Does your crafts page have a content file called link.txt?

Also, keep in mind that 301 redirects are cached in browsers, so changes to this field will never have an effect until users clear their browser cache.

Does your crafts page have a content file called link.txt? no its called bookandleatherworks.txt

Then your redirect cannot possibly work, because your redirect is in link.php template, while your page will be rendered with bookandleatherworks.php if that exists, or the default.php template as a fallback.

I changed the name and it works now. In the article, it does say: ** Inside each folder, we put a link.txt content file. You can freely choose the name of this file, use what works best for you or your client.**
This seems a bit unclear as link.txt is called a file (link.txt content file) and ‘You can freely choose the name of this file’ look to mean the same thing.

Well, yes, you can, but then you have to adapt the rest. The whole content/rendering concept of Kirby relies on the fact that filenames correspond. That’s why we provide this information early in the guide. It’s a “must-know” to understanding Kirby.