Easiest most secure way to send plain-text emails through kirby Uniform

I need to send a copy of the filled out form through email both to the user how filled the form and to myself.

I don’t need fancy html templates and all I want is to sent the infos through plain text.

I found this post on how to use PHP Mailer with Uniform.

I am a bit unsure if this is a good option or if using something like mailgun would be overall easier, more secure and better?

Also, I am on a shared hosting provider for this project, so does that prevent me from something?

First time dealing with email services of this kind and want to keep things simple but secure.


EDIT: just followed the tutorial linked above and upgraded the code for the new version of PHPMailer, it works.

Will stick with it for a bit, as the project has very low needs and probably we are hardcoding the sender and the receiver email address as well (no need for much more).

Curious to move it from localhost to the shared hosting env and see if everything works as well.