Dynamic page to display data from my users


I created members whose certain information is displayed in the front-end (for example the author of an article, his biography …etc).

I would like to create member files automatically (I create a template and the structure is identical).

Is it possible in getkirby to put in the /content folder something like this:


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How have you created them and where? Are they created as users?

From what?


Thank you for your reply.

I created users (they are stored in: site/accounts).

I have already created a trombinoscope page with all the photos of the members.

currently I click on each photo to display a “modal” (to display information: first name, last name, telephone, address…).

I realize that there is a lot of information.

I would like to display all the data in a page profil for all members.

example pages:
website .com/members

website .com/members/mickael
website .com/members/texnixe
… and more

In site/templates I create ‘members.php’ and ‘member.php’.

In content/members I have to create a folder for each member?

It’s useless because member data is stored in site/accounts?

What you could do is to create virtual pages from your users:

Create a members model with a children method as in the examples, but instead of reading a database or file, use the users instead.

Thanks @texnixe .

I looked at the virtual.

I also searched the forum with the term “virtual page” and found this which seems to be what I wish to do:

You had already developed it.

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