Download links to media folder caching old versions of files

we’re trying to add download links to the installers for various platforms for the software we’re making in a text block of a blocks field, but whenever they’re updated to files with the same filename that are simply newer versions, the media folder links we have on the site still serve the older version.

How exactly do you link to those files in the block?

the guy who does the content opens the file blueprint and copies the link address under “location” I think

Ok, that’s the media URL then, but the media URL changes when the file is replaced, because the media hash is made up of a media token and the file modification date.

It would make more sense to just store the path to the file, I think

it would, is there a quick way to do that?

You could store the path in the file metadata on upload, so when the users goes to the file view, they can pick it up from there. An option to link to a file in the writer would be a better option but currently doesn’t exist.

Feature to upvote: Link to file in writer field · Kirby Feedback

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