Displaying menu with selected page links only


How would I go about having this displayed?
Basically I want to only show some page links in the main menu, and then display all links in footer manu.

I was thinking add a field to page, then filter main menu by that field. Would that be the best way to go about it?

Total site pages:10
Main menu: Display only 5 page links
Footer menu: Display all 10 pages

Depends on whether you want to make this configurable via the Panel or not. you can hardcode the links in your menu by selecting the relevant pages like this (by template or id

$menuPages = $site->pages()->filterBy('slug', 'in', ['about', 'blog', 'abc'];

Or set up a menu field in the Panel, examples can be found here: Menu builders | Kirby CMS

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Thank you - once I posted I realised there may be a way to build through the panel. I’ll look into that.