Displayed date different from chosen one in panel

So, I currently have an issue with the date field.
When I change the date on my pagebuilder-block to something that is close to today’s date, it tends to save it as the previous day…
the perplexing thing about it is, that when I create a new block it works just fine.
This only happens when I change an already existing date field.

This is my date field

    label: Tag
    type: date
    calendar: false
    width: 2/3

And this is how I get the date

<?= $data->termdate()->toDate('%A, %d.%m.%Y') ?>

could it be a JS or server problem, perhaps?

Problems with the date field have been reported before, but I’m not really aware of the current status of affairs.

Have you set a timezone in your config file?

Pinging @distantnative

I did not in fact.

With the timezone set in the config file it seems to work fine for now.
At least I can’t seem to get the date field to be weird again.

Thank you for replying so quickly.