Display number of comments and articles in footer

Actually I work on the header and footer inclusive the needed snippets and blueprints.

I want to show the numbers of comments and articles in the footer - how can I make it?

It will look like this:

Comments: xxx
Articles: xxx

That depends on how you store the comments. Which plugin are you using?

Regarding the articles: That should be something like that:

Articles: <?php echo page('blog')->children()->visible()->count() ?>

What will you be using as a comment system?

For your articles, it may be as simple as:

<?php echo page('articles')->children()->visible()->count() ?>

This will return the number of sub-pages of the articles page. This needs to ba adapted to your structure

Edit: Lukas is on fire today :slight_smile: Sorry for the duplicate content !

Thx for the tipps.

I don’t have choose any comments plugin yet. I think about it later. But when this code snippet is only possible when I have choose the comment system then can the answer wait.