Disabling creation of uuid field in content files in Kirby 3.8

While certainly I appreciate the functionality and usefulness of unique IDs introduced in Kirby 3.8, I have no use for this particular feature on my sites.

I want to disable the automatic insertion of the uuid field in my content files, as well as the caching of this data. I my opinion, Kirby should not be modifying my content files unless I have specifically and manually changed the content in the panel.

With there be any means of disabling feature this via the config settings?

So we planned the UUID feature to be always-on, but after your post we discussed this again and agreed that for users like you it could indeed be a bit annoying to still have UUIDs written to content files even if you really never want them.

There won’t be an option in Kirby 3.8.0 but we’ll be working on a solution how to disable UUIDs without the rest of the system crashing for Kirby 3.8.1 - which from past experience will be out just a few weeks after the main release.


Some features/optimizations might not be feasible without UUID, are you planning to maintain two code paths for all future development?

Seems to be a lot of drawbacks just to avoid having to look at a single auto-generated line in the content file.

What are you thinking of? I currently don’t see drawbacks for the general development to allow disabling UUIDs. Of course, users that disable UUIDs also don’t get permalinks, but I think that’s obvious.

I’m thinking more for future development.

Making UUID optional means any features or optimization in the future that rely on them would have to be made optional, this might not be realistic if it’s in the core of Kirby.

For example, could internal indexing be made more optimal by utilizing UUID somehow? If so how would having UUID being optional affect its implementation?

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If UUIDs do not exist in the the content files, then Kirby would simply not execute any features or optimizations that utilize those fields. This would be equivalent to leaving a Title: or Text: field empty. If the content doesn’t exist, don’t act upon it.

Personally, I cannot see any reason for most of my sites to require or utilize the UUID feature, hence my request for the option to disable it.

Perhaps my projects are far more simplistic than the majority of Kirby-based sites, but the UUID feature seems like overkill to me and just adds a bunch of noise to what makes Kirby an attractive and easily implemented CMS … human-readable plain text files.

I mean, I don’t even use blueprints on most of my sites. Just a good text editor.

Thank you for considering this. I appreciate it.

@distantnative Just so this stays on the radar, would you like me to open an issue on GitHub?

Not necessary, there is already a PR (Disable UUIDs via config option by distantnative · Pull Request #4755 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub) - though discussions about if and/or how within the team have not concluded

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Perfect. Thanks!

Renaming file names seem to require UUIDs hence it’s a core functionality more or less, I guess?
Without UUIDs previously it was not possible to rename images in galleries for example without breaking the image (respectively the linking inside the gallery).