Disable access to page

Hey there,

I’m new in the Kirby world and I’m struggling with a needed functionality. In the starterkit I would like to disable the “http://localhost/demo/panel/pages/notes” section for my page, so that calling “http://localhost/demo/notes” would basically lead to a 404. Perfect would be to just hit a toggle in the panel to enable / disable routing to a given page. Is that possible in any way?

Thx a lot!

For all users including logged in users? You could achieve this with a catch-all route that redirects to the error page if a given field was set to some value, see Routing | Kirby CMS

For all users (there is no login on the page). I have a list of brands, structured in [domain/brand/brandname] - I’ve managed to route the individual brands to [domain/brandname] but I want to disable the url [domain/brand]. Since the client manages the content I need a switch for him to decide if a navigation element has content / an url or not. I’ll try your approach.