Different page structure for different languages

Hi forum,

first of all - I love Kirby. It’s an absolute blast coding with it and I’m just wrapping up a pretty big project (at least for me) using Kirby.

Here’s my question:

The website is available in two languages - German (default) and English. Translating a page that exists in both languages is easy and straight-forward. However, there are some pages which should only exist in de - or only in en. Actually, the menu structure completely changes from de to en. Does that make sense?

The old version of the website (whose default is also German) demonstrates the functionality I want to achieve. Just click the upper right link to access the English version and see how the menu structure changes.

Maybe there’s a really easy solution to this problem - I just don’t want to make use of a second Kirby installation.

Any help is really appreciated!

Thanks for contributing to this really amazing community - it has already helped me during a lot of late-night coding sessions.


P.S. Yes, we can probably discuss the usability issues connected with changing the menu structure. But, for now, since we do not have a translation for every single page (and it wouldn’t make sense either), we’ll have to go with what we’ve got.

You could just filter the menu items by language, if the page exists as translation, output it, otherwise, don’t. Find() page in specific language