Developer/Designer wanted

I’m trying to find a web developer/designer to help me design a website for my startup company. I want it to be made in Kirby. I only need a landing page, basically. Hopefully that will be enough for all the needed information. I need it to be responsive. For now, I only sell one product/item at the moment (or soon will be).

Three websites sums up what look and feel I’m hoping for, but I don’t need all the fancy stuff (animations, etc):

As said, this is the look and feel I like design wise. But strip them of all the animations, movies, and javascript stuff, etc. Nor do I need lots of pages. Only one landing page with a good scroll down. I will supply the images and illustrations (infographics). I don’t need e-commerce modules either. Customers will be redirected to an existing e-commerce site when they order our product anyway.

As a startup, I’m finanicing all of this myself and my budget is very limited. For this project I’m hoping to find someone to help me out for 500-600 USD.

Hope to hear from you!


Are you sure about that? Because the 1st and 3rd websites you listed are made “cool” by exactly those things you want to strip out.

If you really don’t need any of those things then maybe you should give some more relevant examples of the kind of website you are looking for.

Hi Ozy,

Well, yeah, in a way you are absolutely right about that. And I would of course love to have such cool features, but I’m on a tight budget and wouldn’t expect to get all that.

And these sites are the ones I found that came close to what I like. Cause I still think that the look works, separate from the animations etc. Its more about the design in that respect, the balance between text, images and graphic elements that works great!

I just wanted to express a realistic approach I guess in the description :slight_smile:

yeah the JS-Stuff on these sites are make them cool but you should not build a website on theses effects.
You should do first a concept for your site and then if this works you should take a look if you can make it stronger and more visual attractive with these effects.
And you should not forget that theses effects don’t suit to every kind of companies.

If you need a designer furthermore your can write me a pm.