Demokit.portfolio, create a filter


Thank you for giving us the demokit, i love it ! I am making a new version of my website. I am preparing a new version of my website.

I would like to create virtuals pages for filtring differents types fields (thema, favorite, location, place, year,…) and more, create a “tag cloud” in footer.

With demokit, how should i proceed ? I think I should first make each page as an individual publication.

Hey @springfield, I don’t really understand what you want to achieve and how that relates to the Demokit in particular.

Filtering via routes is explained in this cookbook recipe:

Maybe that helps, but maybe you want something else…


Before posting, I’m testing and reading a lot of things. In particular, How to create virtual pages for each photo in an album? or on a cockbook.

In panel,

  • I create album and insert my images with the panel (button “Add”).
  • I enter values on my additional fields for each image. (i have create in image.yml)

In public,

Example of my additional fields are:

Ok, yes, then you can either use parameters for the filtering or the method described in the cookbook recipe. Basically, you need a set of routes for the different filters and links that lead to these routes.