Delete button for single fields

I want a delete button, but only for single fields u know :disappointed: . kirby already owns a button for deleting the whole site, but i want to add a button for single fields… frustrating :weary::cry:

you cant delete fields. you need to define blueprints to change the fields per template.

:worried: what do you mean? how do i exactly define these?^^

Have a look at the docs:

Edit: It is not quite clear, what exactly you want to achieve. Maybe you can explain a bit better and even with a screenshot.

i want to implement a button in a panel so i can delete the content. just with one klick.

There is no delete button to delete the content of single fields. If you need fields with a delete button, you can define your own custom fields.

You mean “delete button” in the sense of “deletes the content of the field”?

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yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees :smile:

Well, you can’t do that as previously stated. Can’t you just edit a structure field item, select the contents of the field you want to clear and press backspace?

Maybe we can find a better solution for your problem if you describe what you want to do and why you need this feature.