Define fields in panel

I’m trying find a solution for eshop filter below.

There is two level of items and I need specify their values in panel (in first level something like categories and in second group of parameters). This defined values will work as selects in product admin.

So if user select specific “category”, only related groups of parameters are listed below with selects prefilled from previously defined values.

Concrete situation: on product edit page, firstly I select category (values defined somewhere in panel) - SILNICNI KOLA, then will appear four selects for BRZDY, PNEU, VYSKA and VYPLET (defined somewhere in panel and related to each category). For example VYSKA select will have three options (defined somewhere in panel).

Is it possible?

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Have a look at conditional fields. They will do the job as long as the options for each of those subselects (Pneu, Brzdy .etc.) don’t have to change as well depending on selected category.

Thanks for reply.

Firstly I need to know how to popup another category option and create another subselects with values from other fields or pages in panel. For clarification: not subselect which is defined in blueprint but subselect which is completely defined elsewhere in panel.

I don’t think I understand what you mean. Do you want to define a select field somewhere and make that field pop up in the currently edited page? That’s not possible.

All you can do is define the possible options for a field somewhere else and then query them in a select field in the current blueprint.

Yes, that’s correct and sad together :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time…

But what would be the advantage/purpose of doing it like that?

Client full control. When they need another group of parameters, they need me for creating another blueprint select and panel part within options values… Thats all

I like, when client is independent when they need CMS…