Default value for Pages not working

Iā€™m trying to make the page ā€˜definition-des-variantesā€™ appears as a default choice in a field type: pages.
But none of my attempts in ā€˜defaultā€™ works. :smiling_face_with_tear:

    width: 1/2
            type: pages
            query: site.children.filterBy('intendedTemplate', 'def-variantes')
              - definition-des-variantes
            #default: definition-des-variantes
            #default: pages/definition-des-variantes
            #  - pages/definition-des-variantes
            min: 1
            max: 1

I just did a quick test on a starterkit and all these seems to work just fine for me

  type    : pages
  query   : site.children
  default : page://D1yCxHPlHzgzBJI5
  default : about
  default :
    - about

So to me looks like the issue is specific to your setup and so without more information is hard to figure out why itā€™s not working for you.

Also keep in mind that this only works for new page creation. If the page is already present the updated default value wonā€™t show up for you.

Thank you for your answer.

It made me retest a lot of thingsā€¦ and the culprit is the dash!
More exactly the number of dashes in the page id.
One dash is fine, two dashes are not! :crazy_face:

I renamed my page id to ā€œdefinition-desvariantesā€ and it works. :sob: