Default random value in field and read-only field option?

I wonder how i can insert a random value to a field when creating the a subpage via panel once to use it as a token / passphrase as well as if there’s a way to actually tell the blueprint that this field is “read-only” for people viewing the subpage inside the panel.

I haven’t seen any kind of option for both of it, i guess the random value needs to be entered using page creation hook?

You might be interested in this plugin: AutoID Plugin (create unique page ids)

Other than that, yes, a page.create hook would be the way to go.

too bad that something like

default: <?php echo str::random(...) ?>

does not work…

Even if it were possible it would not make sense because you want a value that does not change on every rendering of the blueprint, which would happen if you’d put that kind of logic in the blueprint.

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