Default pages sortBy args?

What is the default $field in the sort-by function? I could not find it. Is it sort?

There is no default field. If you don’t pass any arguments to sortBy() the collection is filtered in alphabetical order as in the file system.

So if I need to have it sort by panel sort order, I need to do this?


or will the filesystem names always make the panel drag/drop sort order the same as alphabetical because of the number prefix on the page folders?

A quick test shows me that if I sort by sort I get the invisible ones first in alphabetical order (UID) and then the visible ones sorted by sort number.

I got 3 different results:

No sorting

Visible pages first and invisible second, sorted by drag/drop order.



Invisible pages first and visible second, sorted by drag/drop order.



A probably unknown sort value will sort them alphabetically.



I think it’s a bit strange that it works like this. Nothing really tells us that sort will just put invisible pages before the visible ones. Maybe it would be more natural to have a sortBy('invisible') or something.

Then about the unknown sort order. I would expect it to fallback to an empty value, like with no sorting value (visible pages first and invisible second).

Just some thoughts on it. But now I know how it works. :slight_smile: