Default limit for fetching articles

Is there a default limit to the amount of data you can fetch? I just surpassed 60 blog posts and anything after number 59 does not show up in the blog. If i delete blog post 59, then blog post 60 shows up since it is now 59. Is there anything i need to override / reset / declare in the config. I’ve got nothing limiting it in the blog template code or the controller.

Its just this to fetch all the articles and then do pagination and pluck tags, nothing fancy…

$posts = $site->find('blog')->children()->filterBy('isModule', false)->visible()->unscheduled()->sortBy('created','desc');

No, there is no internal limit to how many posts you can display. Maybe a memory limit issue? Are these posts image heavy?

BTW: you should filter by visible first.

Interesting. When i added ->limit(999) to the end, the problem went away. They are not particularly image heavy, and not all of them have an image. The thumbs have already be generated anyway since i’ve visited the pages individually directly.

I dont think its a memory issue, I have my localhost set high enough to handle it I reckon (256mb)

I just tested this with Kirby’s website blog, which has 85 articles. No problem displaying them all at once. Ok, the posts are mainly text and no thumbnails involved, but that at least shows that there is no count limit.

Strange then. Thanks for investigating. I have been through my code several times to find the cause and I’m certain its nothing I have told it to do. How curious. I only asked really because I also work with a CMS called Textpattern, and that does have a default limit, so I figured Kirby may do as well.