Date language working on local, but not on server

Hello, I installed French as language and the dates are translated perfectly in the local version of the site, but it doesn’t work on the online version. Do you have any clue what might be the problem? Thanks

Language not installed on the server? Language has a different name on the server?

I have a fr.php file in the languages folder of site and 'languages' => true and 'date.handler' => 'strftime' in the config.php, should I add something more to allow french on the server? thanx

I add this and it is now working to fr.php

'locale' => [
LC_ALL      => 'fr_FR.UTF-8',
LC_COLLATE  => 'fr_FR.UTF-8',
LC_NUMERIC  => 'fr_FR.UTF-8',
LC_TIME     => 'fr_FR.UTF-8',
LC_CTYPE    => 'fr_FR.UTF-8'

But now on local I have the day starting with a uppercase (that i want) and without uppercase on the server (that i don’t want). I’m using %A %e %B to call the date. Any help?

Hm, but by default, French day names don’t start with an uppercase character? You can convert to starting with uppercase using ucwords() function.

Thanks, I did that.
But it is still a little strange, the sentence is beginning with an upercase in local as it should, but not on the server and so I had to add ucwords() (as suggested) to make it work. But shouldn’t strftime sentences be starting with upercase by default?

Don’t know.

In all cases, many thanks! (I can live with this mistery)