Date fields From->To with filterBy

I am trying to set up pages that contain two dates: “From” and “To” and would like to filter pages out, if the current date isn’t between from and to.
I assumed, this could be done with:

  $items = $page->children()->filterBy('date', '>', time());

but it seems, this only works with one field, and its name has to be “date”.

What i like to have is this:

  $items = $page->children()->filterBy('from', '<', time())-> filterBy('to', '>', time());

but this doesn’t work, as far as i know.
Do you have an idea for an elegant solution?

I think this could make sense, when you have a list of subpages and want to divide it into current and past items.

I looked into these threads:

but couldn’t find a solution.


Check out this thread, basically, it works with a filter with callback, you just need to adapt the code a bit: Multiple date fields in 1 markdown file?

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Works perfectly! Dankeschön.