Date field shows one day less after saving

I have a Kirby 3.3.5 installation that, on the remote server (which has a timezone of ‘UTC’) when I input a date in a date field, save and reload the page: it shows a day less, consistently.

The content file is also a day less.

So if I write : 2020 - 03 - 07
save, reload
both the panel and the content file show : 2020 - 03 - 06

This does not happen in my local server which has a timezone of ‘Europe/Berlin’.

I am obtaining the timezone with this code:

$date = new DateTime();
$timeZone = $date->getTimezone();
echo $timeZone->getName();

This issue seems related to this bug that was supposedly fixed.

Sooo… what can I do :confused:

Thank you

There is this other issue:

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