Customize Layout Field

I was wondering, if it is - or will be - possible to customize the layout-field or even customize the preview-images.

i would really like to use the layout-field not only as a grid, but more like a section with different types of i.e. full-width, or some kind of grid-options or colors, and would like to offer these types in the preview.

    type: layout
      - "12.fullwidth"
      - "12"
      - "6.6"
      - "4.4.4"
      - "1.10.1" // 1 offset
      - "2.8.2" // 2 offset

And somehow add different preview-images for that:

to something like thtat:

currently i will do that via the settings dialog, but for the editor-experience it would be nice, if they can decide the type on add a new layout.

is that possible?

This is not possible out of the box and I really wonder if this would make sense. Settings can easily get pretty complex pretty quickly and having to choose between myriads of layouts just with a different background color or different widths and variations thereof at least to me doesn’t really sound that intuitive. Then just changing the background color could mean choosing a different layout (which is also not possible at the moment, but will hopefully be in the future).

colors were just an example. I’m with you, that this is better done via the settings.

but i think having the possibility to select layouts for i.e. fullwith- or fullheight-sections or default-container-sections would be really handy.
so an editor can add the specific layout, without the need of set it up in the settings-dialog and can directly start adding blocks.

also it would visually describe the available section-types of the site.

but i already thought, that that’s not yet possible out of the box. 🥲