Custom view link


i am total beginner of vue js. is there a form to change de custom view link to abother page (internal or external?)

panel.plugin("dsviews/helpsection", {
  views: {
    afiliados: {
      label: "Afiliados",
      icon: "list-bullet",
      link: "" or "notes",
      template: `

           <k-topbar-button>my custom view</k-topbar-button>


I don’t quite understand what you want to achieve. Do you want a custom view or only create a link to another location inside the menu?


i only need a link to a page on the panel

Look at, where you find such a link for Kirby 3 in the frontend code.

hi again,

i would like to achivie something like this:


i want to add a link is this menu that point to a page inside the panel. like a shortcut

Creating a view for this purpose seems to be a bit overkill. I wonder if you could inject a link with a custom Panel script.