Custom error message for Uniform guards

I am setting up a new form using Uniform, using a couple of the spam guards (honeypot and honeytime).

Is there a way to customise the message shown when these are triggered? For example currently the honeypot one is

“The form field that is supposed to be empty was filled. In case you are not a spam-bot, please try again leaving the field blank.”

I would like to change this to something different. Is this possible?

@mzur sorry to spam but thought you might have the best insight here

You can overwrite the translation variables, in this case its uniform-filled-potty, check out the index file of the plugin.

Thanks for the pointer, I have found the file and the messages I would like to change.

Am I right in saying if I update them in the index these would be overwritten when the plugin is updated? Is there a better way of doing it than that?

You can overwrite them in your own plugin: Translations | Kirby CMS

To overwrite them, your plugin must be loaded after the uniform plugin, though (loading order is alphabetical).

Don’t change the code in the plugin itself

Just the job, got that implemented.