Custom audio block for Editor plugin

I am wanting to make a custom block for the Editor plugin which will allow user to upload 1 audio file.

Following the Block extensions guide I am lost when it gets to writing the index.js for my audio-block plugin.

I am not sure how to fill the below in the index.js …


I thought I would be able to write something similar to the image-block as I am uploading a file, but don’t know what code to adapt. Any advice or documenatation out there?

thank you!

Have you checked out the examples, e.g.

Yes I have checked out the examples thanks.

They are great, but still leave me a bit lost with what to do at Methods & Template for my block to have a successful files upload field.

There is no other documentation, I’m afraid and I have very little experience with those blocks. What I’d do for starters it try to copy the image block and just replace the accept property from image to audio.