Cropping only the height of thumbs

I’m wondering if it’s possible to crop and image height only but keep the original width?

i need all images to be the exact same height but different widths even if the user uploads multiple sized images.



// Same width but static height of 123 px
$image->crop($image->width(), 123);

Maybe you can even replace $image->width() with null and it will be detected automatically, I haven’t tested that.

don´t work in my code.
<?php echo $page->image($page->coverImage())->crop(width(), 100)->url() ?>
Do you know a solution?

That won’t work, because you have to call the width() method on an object, not “naked”.

$image = $page->image($page->coverImage());
echo $image->crop($image->width(), 100)->url() ?>

oh :smile: it works! Thank you for fast support!