Creating a structure with all the images from my website

I’m trying to create a table to have an overview of all the images in a website I’m making.
I’ve tried making a section that I later use in my site.yml but I can’t seem to create a complete list of all my images here.
Also, the top thing would be to be able to create a structure where one column is the image and the other one is the tags related to the image. Something like:

    Image           Tags        
 ----------- ------------------ 
  file1.png   green, blue, bag  
 ----------- ------------------ 
  file2.jpg   orange, bag       

type: files
layout: list
parent: site.index.files
empty: No images yet...
text: "{{ file.title }}"

The parent of a section can only be a single page or the site object, so you cannot query all images/files of the site.

This will change in Kirby 4…

For now, you could use this plugin: FilesDisplay Section | Kirby CMS

I can’t seem to access the link though, but I’m using this version :

maybe it’s not up to date though

True… :see_no_evil:

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I used the temporary fix from Tobias in the Pull request section and it’s working fine!