createChild in specific language in Multilanguage Setup

Hi there, I’m facing a small issue while creating child pages: In a route that’s available in both default language (en => ‘/’) and a secondary language (de => ‘/de’) I’m creating a child page using the createChild function using values that are user-submitted:

                    $new_child = $my_page->createChild([
                        'slug' => 'some-slug',
                        'title' => 'Some Title',
                        'template' => 'child_page',
                        'status' => 'listed',
                        'content' => [
                            'my_field' => $sent_data['my_field']

Now, I need to make sure that the field value of my_field will always be set only in the default language (en), even if the route was used while the secondary language is active. How can I use the createChild function while specifying in what language the content should be saved?

So I need to either specify the language somehow in the array passed to createChild or I need to manually activate the default language before using createChild.

I found this related thread that didn’t provide an answer.

Since a page is always created in the default language, this shouldn’t be an issue, actually. Or does this also create a translation?

Thanks for the reply! In the past I had some issues with that, but I now realized that I was probably having the issues with the update function. Checked again and the code above doesn’t seem to create any unwanted translations.