Create file from Base64 String

Is there a way to create a File in Kirby based on a base64 String? I thought this should work?

  'source'     => base64_decode($base64),
  'parent'     => $page,
  'filename'   => 'image.jpg'

I believe you’d have to first create a temporary file, as createFile expects a path (it’s essentially a copy operation).

I do something similar with screenshots retrieved from an API:

$tmpfilename = $page->root() . '/temp.png';
$imagefile = Remote::get($imageurl);
F::write($tmpfilename , $imagefile->content());

…and then proceed to use $tmpfilename as source.

Ah ok, I don’t know that createFile needs a path. Would be great if this also works with strings. I have already found another solution for me. But your solution is also very nice!

$base64 = explode(',',get('createimage'));
$filename = 'image.jpg';
file_put_contents($page->root() . '/' . $filename, base64_decode($base64[1]));