Create data types without placing them below the page tree

I am always a bit confused when I create content types in the page tree below a page. For example, my “Video type” is below the “Videos” page and resides there with its folder structure. Are there concepts for creating the types differently without using a database? So rather a “Data types” folder that has nothing to do with the actual page tree? Or will the queries by general methods (children etc.) then be too complicated? I hope my request has become reasonably clear, if not, please ask :wink:

Yes, you can put pages of different templates within the same folder and create a media pool like single folder. There are two issues with this approach both depending on the amount of pages.

  1. given a bigger number of pages Kirby will start to slow down. at about 1000 i would say. at about 5000 pages you should definitely add some caching around aggregated list (like top 5 posts of a category etc).
  2. if you allow manual sorting prepending a page will cause the directories of all pages after that to be renamed. depending in the amount of pages this might slow down the panel for that single action noticeably. you can avoid that if you set the num to use a date field to sort chronologically.
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@Sachbearbeiter Did that answer your question?

I’m not really sure what you are actually after.

In Kirby, content is organized in folders which are considered pages. But of course, you can have pages that only store data that you don’t want to render as pages in the frontend. In that case, you would have to prevent direct access to such pages via routes.

You can also store data in other formats, like json files or in databases, but you would need models that take care of such data storing logic, particularly if you want to edit such data based on blueprints.

Maybe you can elaborate a bit more what you want to achieve.

Yes, that answered my question. I still have to get used to a few things :wink: