Create a showcase with multiple random snippets

Hello, I wanna shuffle between three different snippets for my homepage showcase, but I don’t know how. I tried something like that :

  <?php $showcase = array(
  		  $show = a::get(array('showcaseimg'));

But I don’t think it’s the good way :confused:

Do the snippets contain different layouts completely, or just different content? Are you literally just trying to show different random content, or very specific sets of curated content?

If its random you are after, you can do it with one snippet, and chain together shuffle() and limit()

A::get doesn’t work like you are trying to use it.

I’d get a random number between 0 and number of elements -1, and then fetch that element.

$rand =  rand ( 0 , 2 ); // max number depending on elements in array
$snippet = showcase[$rand];

I’m trying to show very specific sets of content from different pages or subpages, and inside that I’ll show random content with shuffle.

Yeah it runs ! thank you very much