Cover image blueprint?

With the recent 3.2.0 update, how would I construct my product blueprint to have a Cover image where I can only select from my uploaded images? I think this was the default prior to 3.2.0 and it was working as intended before I updated.

I cannot figure out how to refactor my blueprint to make my Cover image section work again after the update.

You are talking about a files field not a section , aren’t you, because in your last sentence you mention an image section.

I assume you want to disable the new upload function of the files field?

It might help if you post your current blueprint.

Oh sorry if I got it all mixed.

Here’s my blueprint.


title: Product

    icon: page


        width: 1/3
            extends: sections/cover
            template: image
            # required: true
            type: info
            text: |
              Upload photos from the **Images tab** and select the image you want to set as the cover.

    label: Images
    icon: image
        headline: Images
        type: files
        template: image
        layout: list
        info: "{{ file.dimensions }}"
          cover: true

type: files
headline: Cover
max: 1
layout: cards
info: "{{ file.dimensions }}"
  cover: true
  ration: 1/1

title: Image

  mime: image/jpeg, image/png

    type: info
    text: |
      Please rename the image accordingly and put a descriptive **Alt Text**.
    label: Alt Text
    type: text
    required: true

So prior to updating, when I click the Cover, it will give me the option to select from the list of images already uploaded from my Images Tab.
With the current update, when I click the Cover, it opens the file blueprint.

I hope you get what I’m trying to say. Basically, I just want that if I click on the Cover, it will give me the option to select from all the images that were uploaded using my images tab.

There’s something a bit mixed up.

You have a field called coverin your product.yml blueprint, but you are extending it with a section definition, which works (because the settings are similar) but is a bit confusing. You should in fact define a field in /site/blueprints/fields that you then extend.

Secondly, if you want to replace the cover file, you have to remove the current file before you can select a new one (because you have set max: 1 the “field” definition). Clicking on the image itself will bring you to the image view, that is correct. To prevent the user from uploading new files via the cover field, you can then set the upload property to false in your field definition (but it might make sense to also let the user upload images via that field since it facilitates the workflow).

Ok, will do this. It was working before so I had no idea that it was a wrong implementation.

Yes, before when I click on the cover image it gives me an option to select an image (select from existing uploaded images) where now it opens the image view.

So when I move the cover.yml into /site/blueprints/fields/, it will then give me an option to either upload or select when I click on the cover image?
Not able to try it at the moment.

Have a look at the files field documentation regarding the new upload function: