Count total of data in field

Kirby 2. I have subpages with a load of data.

For example, projects/project-5/, I have a field in the blue print called days to complete, on the home page I want to collate all the days to complete under every project page and show a total of days complete, how would I go about displaying it?

There’s nothing to calculate if you want to show it under every project?

For a total of all fields of all subpages, you can pluck all values into an array and get the total

$completeDays = page('projects')->children()->pluck('days_to_complete', ',', false);
echo array_sum($completeDays);

Yes that’s it, sorry I didn’t explain that part well but thank you for that answer. I did look at pluck but wasn’t sure how to put it into practice, thanks so much :slight_smile:

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My apologies, can I just double check something, the result is coming back with Array 0, even though the data is present, what’d be the reason?

Hm, what do you get if you do a


Or what does the days_to_complete field contain? I was expecting it to contain a number.

My mistake with a spelling error, all fixed now :slight_smile: thank you for your patience.