Cookie plugin not working

I have downloaded a recommended cookie plugin that I would like to have on my website to make sure I am abiding by the cookie laws. I downloaded this zip file: Cookie Consent Modal | Kirby CMS and pasted it inside site>plugins. No banner has displayed and I cannot see it in the DOM tree? Is there further steps I need to take?

Yes, please read the readme that comes with the plugin

Hi, thanks for the advice, I did read the read me file. However when I added the JS to main main.js file I get this error: main.js?v=2.0:9 Uncaught ReferenceError: u is not defined.

I then replaced u with $ for jquery but I now get o errors and still no cookie banner.

$('body').on('cookies:saved', event => {
    console.log('Saved cookie features:', event.detail);

I’d say you didn’t read closely, there’s also a WIKI with more information.

Hey yes i read it some more, needed to be unzippd and yea the jquery thing worked. Thank you