Cookie for Language Portal

Hey guys,

Trying to figure out the functionality of setting cookies for a language portal.

Basically, have a page containing all available languages for users when they first come to the site. I want to store their selection in a cookie, and the user would then be redirected to his chosen language on subsequent visits.

My code is as follows:

For the button:
<a onClick="<?php Cookie::set('language_select', $available_lang->code(), ['lifetime' => 1440]); ?>"

In the index.php:

if(Cookie::exists(‘language_select’)) {
// not sure how to send user to correct language page if cookie is set
echo (new Kirby)->render(‘home’);
} else {
echo (new Kirby)->render(‘global-landing’);

Any help and insight is very appreciated :slight_smile:


You are mixing PHP and JS code in a way that is not possible (calling a PHP backend function in the onClick frontend attribute of an anchor tag); also, relying purely on a JavaScript onClick event is not accessible.

Instead, your landing page could feature a link to each language’s front page: <a href="/en">English</a>. This guide has some ideas how to auto-generate such a list from the Kirby setup.

In the template/controller of your landing page (assuming that’s the root of the domain in this example), all you do is to redirect users with a set language cookie to the according home page (the go() helper is what you need here, triggering an HTTP 302 redirect):

if (Cookie::exists('language_select')) {
    // NB. this relies on the cookie containing a valid language
    // code; you may want to validate that
    go('/' . Cookie::get('language_select'));

In the template/controller of the language landing pages (like you set the cookie to the according language – which can be retrieved from Kirby’s language object:

Cookie::set('language_select', $kirby->language()->code(), ['lifetime' => 1440])
// lifetime is given in minutes, i.e. using this value it only works for 24h

This could – and for good UX probably should – of course be developed further, but I hope this gives you a minimal prototype to get started with?!

Had to make some minor edits as I am using multiple domains, but this idea works beautifully! Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

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