Cookbook "Load more with Ajax" + filtering by url parameter

I’ve implemented the Load More functionality from the cookbook, and it works great. However…

In the page controller, I set filtering based on URL parameters. The problem is these parameters don’t appear to get passed through on the json side of things, so when “load more” is clicked, the additional items aren’t filtered. So if I decide to filter by 2015 as the year, for example, it will load 12 articles from 2015. Then when I click Load more, it will load articles 13-24 from 2017. Same thing for tags, categories, or whatever.

So is there a way I can pass the filtering through to the json rendering, so that the json file that the Load More is using will be filtered already by whatever parameters I’ve chosen?

Please checkout this thread: Ajax load more with filter

In your case, you have to pass on the parameter or get it from the URL.

Wow. My search fu is slipping. I’ll try that and post any related issues there.