Convert $page field value to int

Can’t convert integer out of the box

Using an integer for comparing two numbers…

echo (int)$page->my_field();

That throws a notice:

Notice: Object of class Field could not be converted to int

However I can instead do this:

echo (int)$page->my_field()->value();

but I can’t find in the docs that this is a valid way to do it. I’m I supposed to add ->value() when the plain field value is used?

That’s a limitation of PHP. Objects can only be automatically converted to strings (using the __toString() method), not to other data types.

You can use the following though (a string can easily be converted to an int):

echo (int)(string)$page->my_field();

But yes, using ->value() is easier to understand and the way to go.

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You can also use the int() method:


OMG, I didn’t even know that existed. :smiley:

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I didn’t know I needed to convert numbers
I was wondering why I was getting a string
Couldn’t find the docs either :confused: