Convert HTML in the Query multiselect

I want to select block fields from another page.
I got it working with

    type: structure
        type: multiselect
        options: query
          fetch: site.find("publications").blocks.toBlocks
          text: "{{ block.text }}"
          value: "{{ }}"

But when selecting a block, I have all the HTML symbols as well:

Can I convert the text: "{{ block.text }}" to readable text string?

Please try "{< block.text >}"

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Thanks! It seems it translates something. But can I render the HTML as well? Would be cool for colors or headings.
Screenshot 2022-01-10 at 12.31.36

Edit: Trying it with a custom plugin now.

There are 2 other similar issues and they may have occurred after the escaping outputs for security.

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