Convert an uploaded file to PDF

So currently there is a form i have, all the code and everything is written. Now what i want help is…there is a flie upload, it can be an image, word or pdf. i need to covert this file to pdf.

I am aware of TCPDF, PHPWord and Imagick. I wanted to know if there is a kirby specific way?

Welcome @chrisdsouza

I have not used this plugin of mine in production for a while but you could still give it a try. It should work for both k3 and k4.

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Thanks for the reply. However, I am looking for a free option.

25 conversions / day are free. but depending on the scope of your project that might not be enough

It will be more than 25 :frowning:.

No, there isn’t. This is pretty specific and stuff for a plugin rather than core.

ok thanks for the reply